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Toe Socks

When most people hear or read the term “toe socks” the first thing that comes to mind are the novelty socks that are created to be very much like gloves, providing each toe a divided section of material. While these style of socks are typically referred to with the term, they are not the only style that can carry the name.

Actually, there are a number of sock styles out there which are commonly called toe socks. In fact, many of those that include the term “toe” in their title are not glove-like at all. They are usually those which are designed to provide comfort and extra support for the toes.

These kinds of socks are often selected by active people. For example, mens toe socks are often selected by male hikers do to the increased incidence of foot strain during climbing, hiking and walking. These activities can put additional strain on the feet, ankles and toes, causing fatigue and even injury.

Though it may seem strange to some, many people actually prefer socks that have a more fitted toe. These style of socks leave less room for the feet to slip around inside of socks, preventing the socks from bunching up and becoming uncomfortable inside of sneakers, hiking books, work boots or other varieties of shoes. Toe socks for men are usually selected for exactly that reason – they prevent irritation and bunching of socks that can irritate the toes.

The term toe sock can also refer to those styles of sock which have a different colored toe. The coloring of the toe being distinctly different from the rest of the sock is why these styles are often referred to with this term. The most popular among these styles is that of gold toe socks.

Gold Toe is relative inexpensive, usually carrying a price tag of about $12.00 or $15.00 for half a dozen pairs. The company makes socks for men, women, teenagers and children. These cheap toe socks are also commonly available from lots of different local retailers. Online merchants also carry these socks in large quantities.

When you search for womens toe socks online you’re bound to find a variety of socks appearing in results. Some may be the sport sock varieties which are designed to provide the wearer with added comfort during strenuous physical activities. Others will be gold toe or a similar style. Still others will be the novelty variety, which do make wonderful gifts for women who enjoy the lighter side of life.

Novelty toe socks do keep the feet very warm also, as they fit like a glove. In spite of their somewhat silly appearance, you may want to consider buying these socks for a loved one with cold feet. Who knows, they may get a kick out of the novelty of these socks as well.