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Of all the varieties of casual socks out there, slipper socks are among the most commonly purchased, and for good reason, as these comfy, wear around the house socks make a great gift to yourself or just about anyone else. Although they’ve been around for quite some time, slipper socks are relatively young in the hosiery family. There are also several varieties of slipper socks now available on the market, some of which resemble traditional, ethnic footwear and others drawing their inspiration from the footwear given to patients in the hospital.

Non skid slipper socks that are similar to those given to patients in a clinic setting are increasingly popular these days. They are the least expensive of all the varieties of slipper socks available and are often found in some fantastic colors and with outlandish patterns. These socks can be traditional soft cotton, a fuzzy blend material, or any other variety of fabrics.

Many slipper socks with non skid soles are actually created to be very similar to spa socks. They provide the wearer with traction while walking on slick surfaces and also give them the comfort of luxuriously soft and fluffy spa socks. These socks are extremely popular among women and girls and find their way into birthday presents, Christmas stockings and every day gifts all year round.

Non skid socks usually cost around $3.00 a pair, though you can often find discounted pairs at local retailers and online. Packages with multiple pairs of slipper socks for women and kids slipper socks can also be found, and many times the packages actually give you a better overall price than do the individual pairs.

When looking for slipper socks you’ll also find that there are a wide selection available for everyone. Though you may think at first that slipper socks for men might be more limited in their variety, you’ll be surprised to find that that there are actually several styles readily available on the market. After all, men like to have comfy, cozy, warm feet too, especially after a long day at work.

Men’s slipper socks come in several styles but there are two which are most popular. These include those which look very much like plain socks, but have a non skid sole, and those that look more similar to boots. The most popular of the boot-like variety are Acorn slipper socks.

Acorn actually makes a range of socks for men and women. These slippers look like a sock on the top but have a sole that is more similar to a traditional slipper, with a non skid flat sole and usually a leather or leather-like band that surrounds the sides of the foot. These socks hold up well over time. They also carry a significantly higher price tag than the spa-like slipper socks available, averaging at about $35.00 a pair.

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