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Of all the fresh and funky clothing styles out there, knee socks are one of the most surprisingly popular. While the wearing of socks at or above the knee was once considered something only done by the square and the elderly, recent fashion trends have brought back a style of hosiery which has experienced popularity in the past.

Though most people probably thought that knee socks had seen their time in the spotlight, you may be surprised to learn that this fashion trend has again resurfaced. Knee high socks and over the knee socks are both finding popularity again and not just among the teenage and preteen crowds.

This style has found its way into mainstream fashion, particularly among women who enjoy fresh and playful clothing styles. Wearing short skirts and short pants with socks at or above the knee is a flirty and contemporary style that is showing no signs of diminishing.

Popularity of knee socks is not limited to only the fashion-trend aware. In fact, socks that fit at or above the knee continue to be common place among the working class as well. These style of socks are commonly worn by working men and women, particularly those who work in strenuous jobs that require the individual to be on their feet for the majority of a work shift.

Wearing socks that fit to the knee or above gives extra support to the muscles in the feet, ankles, calves and knees. If you’re on your feet all day long, especially in an environment that is cool or cold, these kinds of socks can also help you to stay warm and increase circulation to the extremities, making it possible to avoid leg cramping and the negative health consequences that can result from blood pooling in the lower body.

Not only are these socks commonly used by working men and women in the labor intensive workforce, they are also still the most commonly selected hosiery for men and women in administrative positions as well. Working professionals typically choose trouser socks to wear with suits, dress slacks and other professional attire. Trouser socks are just another variety of knee socks, commonly created from thinner, more polished materials.

Cheap knee socks are still the hosiery of choice for bumming around the house, playing sports, and everyday casual wear. These styles are usually created from mostly cotton or 100% cotton material and are not only comfortable and cozy but quite affordable as well.

Girls knee socks continue to be popular among the preteen and teenage crowds and have recently become extremely common in high fashion as well. The classic style that has always been acceptable for young girls has recently found its way into teen fashion magazines and popular culture in general.

Knee socks typically cost somewhere between $2.00 and $50.00 per pair, dependent upon the materials from which they are created and whether or not they are designed for a specific purpose. Therapeutic and specialized sportswear socks top the price range and casual hosiery brings up the bottom of the ticket price range.

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